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    We have been traveling for days with interrupted, choppy rest until yesterday when we finally are letting ourselves warm up to one place and relax. We went on an impromptu 12 hour tour yesterday. The host at the hotel wanted to take a trip to the local characoal ruins and to several waterfall spots for swimming, then to a local bad that serves infused rum.  We woke up at 630 am and Marcos piles 9 people in his pickup truck and we headed tot he market to buy some snacks to tide us over all day. I loved being in the bed of the pick up, but it was really hard being someone who gets car sick to bum around on the local dirt and “paved” roads of Belize. By paved they just mean some gravel has been mashed down into it. We are not too far from Guatamala, and if we were to do it all again, I think we’d check out Guatamala after San Ignacio. But, we only have a month, so we will stick to our original itinerary.

    We had such an amazing day yesterday becoming chummy with the new people we met at the hotel, and the others that we picked up along the way. I think the one defining moment was whent he Mike (from Poland) and Leah (from LA) wanted to set up a group shot in front of the largest pyramid in Caracoal. At that point everyone was pretty well acquainted and enjoyed laughed at the comedy of setting up two cameras to auto-snap the photos. I even got a picture of the two dashing away form their cameras and into the shot.

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