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    June 15, 2005

    Packing tips

    Packing Tips :
    ~If you have a top-loading backpack make little lightweight bags out of old sheets/pillowcases to separate clothes into categories- it saves so much time when you are hunting for a certain item. You can label them for easy access, they’re lightweight, and it helps when you don’t want your dirty smelly clothes or grimy shoes touching clean stuff.
    ~Safety pins, duct tape wrapped around a pencil- not the whole roll (great for securing backpack straps for flights), a cable lock (try Magellans) for when you can’t be next to your bag/suitcase on the train, ziplock bags (for souvenirs and other stuff), a small paperbook book, a swiss army knife (don’t carry-on) a deck of cards,and a PEN.
    ~A little black dress… mine is knee-length tank, v-neck (just a little sexy), with a built-in bra. I got it at a j.crew outlet for $25!
    ~Cut out or copy pages from your guidebooks, don’t lug the heavy things around when you’ll only use some pages.
    ~Photocopy the first page of your passport and other important documents and keep them with emergency phone numbers complete with dial codes and info (credit card cancellation info, relatives in case of emergency, consulate). keep them separate from the originals.
    ~Sunglasses, a bandana, flip flops (ooh Reefs are the best) and your favorite hat.
    ~a journal- don’t risk forgetting that strange man with purple in a poncho and nothing else!

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