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    Why Should You Make Stock?

    First off, I am a huge fan of sticking it to the man.

    In this case, the man happens to be companies, huge and small, that convince you they should do simple things like slice bread for you and make you bland stock. Stock is something that is extremely useful and easy to make […]

    Little Crater Lake at MT Hood

    On Sunday June 21, 2009, we started at the most amazing trail head that I’ve ever seen. The spring-fed Little Crater Lake is 45-feet deep and less than 100 feet in diameter, and it remains a steady 40ish degrees Fahrenheit all year long. Brrr. Unfortunately, in my picture you can’t really see how clear and […]

    Am I a Good Hike or a Bad Hike?

    Panther Creek (in Washington) is one of those hikes that I keep wanting to be more than it is without appreciating what it does have to offer. It’s not usually crowded. It’s not that far from Portland. It can be as long, or short, as you want because it’s part of the thousands of miles […]