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    Campeche, un pueblo colonial

    We spent most of the last week in a resort. It was a huge change from the places we visited in Belize and a far cry from the hotel in Tulum (El Crucero which was kind of a junk show). But, alas, traveling in the resort world is  not for me. We made the mistake of going to a sales presentation. They offered us money and food, then when we told them we didn{t want to buy into their b.s. pyramid scheme, they berated us and told us that we were dumb for not knowing how to invest money. Ha!

    The most fun we’ve had has been taking dips in the cenotes and drinking with the local old dudes. Last night the locals in campeche were all trying to buy us cuaguamas, which are like half gallon sized beers. we had to tell the bartender that we didn’t want anymore and slip out when everyone was heated in conversation.  Campeche is a beautiful colonial town. It is quite picturesque with its brightly colored, freshly painted buildings. The people are super friendly. Last night we saw an awesome outdoor play about the spanish conquering of the mayans here in campeche. It was hilarious how they said over  and over how the mayans and the spanish had love in common and that’s how they live peacefully together today. Then the pirates came and they defeated them and lived happily ever after.

    The cenotes are amazing underground water tunnels that you can swim, snorkel or dive through. They kind of freak me out because some have an unknown depth. UnKNOWN. That means way to deep. Mike coerced me to swim through this one and we went under stalagtite or stalagmites following only a loosely bound rope. Of course, he also finds the ones that noone else goes to, so we were the only ones there. Super. I had to talk myself down from hyperventillating. Some of them are like underwater pools, with lots of light, but others are dark. super dark. You can see fish pretty far beneath you, and you can tell the water is crystal clear. But if you let yourself get lost it what lies further beneath the fish you can see, you’re in trouble.  Next time, I want to use snorkeling gear.

    We are going to explore campech´s culture and museums and beer halls (that have th eold school swinging doors) for two more days, then we are off to rio largartos and san felipe to see pink flamingos and crocodiles in a nature preserve. Hopefully we will evade rain and sickness for the home stretch of our trip.

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