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    Pacific Crest Trail from Bonneville Dam

    On Sunday, we hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from the Bonneville Dam Trail head. It was about 7.5 miles and it took us around 3.75 hours. This hike was incredibly disappointing at first, not only because we weren’t coming across much fungi, but also because the trail took us through some nasty clear cut forest.

    Finally after some time, we crossed a road, and then saw Gillette Lake, which is a crystal blue lake formed by the mountain snow melt. This changed our attitudes completely. Suddenly the rainy day didn’t even matter.We passed three lakes total and a few bridge stretched streams. Mike decided he thinks we should do the PCT in its entirety.

    The bridges were slick with moss and I nearly sent my head splat on the wood. More than once. Maybe my feet are deformed in a away the naked eye can’t see.

    It wasn’t until we turned around at the Two Chiefs trail that we realized our bodies had been working.  Then the real rain began. We thought we’d gotten through an entire early spring hike without getting drenched, but, in the PNW, that is impossible. By the end, my pants were falling off heavy with water.

    So, we completed our fourth hike this year: Vernonia trail, Forest Park, Harris Ranch Trail- Drift Creek Wilderness # 1347.

    Then we went and got beer and pizza at 360 Degrees near Camus, Wa. They have a pretty rad happy hour form 4-6 and the place is damn good despite its cold strip mall exterior and middle of nowhere location.

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