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    Rain, rain go away

    Okay, so we did visit the jungle, but it’s not supposed to be raining like it does in the rainy season. Dana from Val’s backpacking hostel in Dangriga told us that this is how it rains when it’s the worst of the two weeks in the rainy season. The river is higher than it should […]


    We have been traveling for days with interrupted, choppy rest until yesterday when we finally are letting ourselves warm up to one place and relax. We went on an impromptu 12 hour tour yesterday. The host at the hotel wanted to take a trip to the local characoal ruins and to several waterfall spots for […]

    My New Years Resolutions

    I’m mulling over my resolutions. They work for me, so it’s worth it for me to think of some, but the key is not taking on too many, and to formulate them in a way that I’m adding something to my life and not taking something away (chocolate..ahem). So I’m listening to the Heartless Bastards […]