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    My New Years Resolutions

    I’m mulling over my resolutions. They work for me, so it’s worth it for me to think of some, but the key is not taking on too many, and to formulate them in a way that I’m adding something to my life and not taking something away (chocolate..ahem). So I’m listening to the Heartless Bastards and drinking some homemade apple wine that my neighbor gave us and it brings me to my first one. I want to be feel more compassionate towards my neighbors whom I don’t have a lot in common with. Maybe I don’t care so much about the mullet guy who had a McCain/Palin sign on his lawn. He’s an ass anyway and doesn’t even say “hi” to me when I ride my bike past him on my way home from work. I’m talking about the hypothetical neighbors too. The people in my life who are in my life by no choice of my own and I need to deal with them even though I don’t understand them. It would make my life a lot easier if I just find some damn common ground. Okay, so I’ll try.

    My next resolution is not so easy. I want to write more. It’s like saying to dream more or be happy. It’s something that happens. I guess I could give myself more deadlines and blog more. But, I want to start my next book. It gets me excited to think about it. I don’t want to start it because I haven’t tried to publish the first one. But maybe the first one was just to whet my pen. It needed to be written. I finished it 5 years ago and I really just realized why I needed to write it. Today I realized it because I became reacquainted with one of the main characters. But now that the cobwebs from that book have cleared my head, maybe I can write the next one. And the one that Mike and i want to write. Our egos clashed when we wrote our last article. I swore I’d never date –let alone marry– a writer, and now he is writing. I don’t remember exactly why I was under the impression that two writers together was a terrible idea. Maybe we just need to drink more. Which would be my next resolution, but that and #2 are inversely related. My next one is a typical one.

    Because last year we were so good about hiking every weekend, I want a new fitness one. This time I will not only continue with hiking every damn weekend, but also include 1 day of yoga, and 2 days of weight training. It’s lame, I know, but I can’t have one about drinking more or being a terrible person. Although it probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have one about being more of a bitch.

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