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    Hiking near Sisters, Oregon

    Spring is a difficult time of year for hiking in the mountains. It’s not easy to know where the snow levels are, even if you ask the locals. We wanted to hike up to Three Creek Lake near Sisters, Oregon so we asked at the local biker bar, Scoots. They told us that they were pretty sure the road was open, but when we got there, we still had to hike 1/2 mile in the snow to the trail head. Then another 1.75 miles to the lake. The difficult part was that it was a pretty decent ascent in the snow.

    Long path in the snow

    But the reward was well worth it. The glacial lake at the top was breathtaking.


    Mike decided to go fishing while I relaxed and enjoyed the 75 degree day. I loved looking at the snow and ice while the sun beat down on me.


    It was a really nice hike, and a pretty good workout, but I do need to waterproof my boots because I got pretty bad blisters, and I assume they were from the moisture that crept into my boots. I like my little Solomon hikers that I got when we were in Granada, Spain, but it seems like they trap too much moisture. Well the snow is melting fast in the 80 degree days, so I might not have to deal with blisters for a while.

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