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    Campeche, un pueblo colonial

    We spent most of the last week in a resort. It was a huge change from the places we visited in Belize and a far cry from the hotel in Tulum (El Crucero which was kind of a junk show). But, alas, traveling in the resort world is not for me. We made the mistake […]

    Rain, rain go away

    Okay, so we did visit the jungle, but it’s not supposed to be raining like it does in the rainy season. Dana from Val’s backpacking hostel in Dangriga told us that this is how it rains when it’s the worst of the two weeks in the rainy season. The river is higher than it should […]


    We have been traveling for days with interrupted, choppy rest until yesterday when we finally are letting ourselves warm up to one place and relax. We went on an impromptu 12 hour tour yesterday. The host at the hotel wanted to take a trip to the local characoal ruins and to several waterfall spots for […]

    Vamos a Mexico y Belize

    We are focused on our honeymoon trip now. We know that we are landing in Cancun, then getting the heck out of dodge (el dodge?) as soon as we can, and heading to the Riviera Maya. We might go to Tulum first, and then head south south south after that until we hit Punta Gorda. […]

    The Fall Foray

    I’m going to the coast to join the Oregon Mycological Society on their Fall Foray. I have a little trepidation because it is in this bunk bed cabin church camp place. I am a newlywed and I’d really like to sleep next to my husband, but apparently the rooms are split up by sex. Ugh. […]

    Seaside in February

    Mike and I came to Seaside to get away. Dana is so wonderful for letting us stay at her beach house.

    It was so foggy last night that I had to make mike drive. My eyes get really tired at night, especially because I was on the computer for several hours yesterday. But, Mike got […]

    Corsica/Sardinia 2005

    September 27, 2005 la vida italia

    Wow, so now we’re in Sardinia. In St. Theresa. It’s a really cute port town. Hard to say not speaking the language and all, but I think I really like Italians. They’re so colorful and funny!

    Our stay in Corsica with doug’s family was just breathtaking. His tanto Jean […]


    August 25, 2005 baggage claim crap

    Flight Details Flight & Date VS10 / 17AUG / EI163 / 18AUG Routing JFK / LHR / DUB

    leaving ireland soon

    we love ireland. dublin was the least interesting, most nondescript place here…every other city has gotten more beautiful and interesting as we’ve moved on. We went to […]


    June 15, 2005 Packing tips

    Packing Tips : ~If you have a top-loading backpack make little lightweight bags out of old sheets/pillowcases to separate clothes into categories- it saves so much time when you are hunting for a certain item. You can label them for easy access, they’re lightweight, and it helps when you don’t […]

    Before the Trip

    April 07, 2005 long, long short day

    My day was so-so today. I’m not really sure how days should be when you’re getting ready to move to another country. I felt kind of numb today. I’m pissed that I’ve been “dieting” and exercising, and every time I lose a pound, I gain it back. I’d […]