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    BBQ in a Bucket

    They used to make the most clever thing I’ve ever seen or used. I found it at Goodwill a few years ago, but even then, I didn’t know just how useful it would be. I bought it assuming it would sit with our camping gear until I got sick of it taking up space. […]

    Burning the Thighs at Table Mountain

    Poison Oak on this trail.

    I noticed all this Poison Oak because it got me the week before when I thoughtlessly zipped off my clever little hiking pants’ legs and romped about looking for morels. I must have brushed a plant or two. Lesson learned: Don’t go-go gadget short pants unless I’m paying […]

    The Siouxon Trail

    After a few wrong turns off and onto a meandering Washington street, we finally found the Siouxon trailhead. This near-Mount St. Helens hike took us through an old-growth Sycamore forest. The late winter is too early for mushrooms, but we saw lots of beautiful ferns and moss. I don’t really know any varieties besides the […]

    The Grande Finale for this Year

    We found a great hike just past Hood River that’s worth checking out. It’s the Tom McCall Preserve Park. There is conflicting information about how long it is, but from what I gather, you can do two hikes and one is about 2 miles and the other is about 3 miles. The longer one is […]

    Backpacking in the Bull of the Woods

    I’ve lived in Portland since 1996, and have always planned on backpacking. From the get go, I didn’t purchase the full-on, big ass car camping stove, but instead invested in a little lightweight stove. My sleeping bag and tent were made for backpacking even though I didn’t venture far from my car. My dog unnecessarily […]

    Little Crater Lake at MT Hood

    On Sunday June 21, 2009, we started at the most amazing trail head that I’ve ever seen. The spring-fed Little Crater Lake is 45-feet deep and less than 100 feet in diameter, and it remains a steady 40ish degrees Fahrenheit all year long. Brrr. Unfortunately, in my picture you can’t really see how clear and […]

    Am I a Good Hike or a Bad Hike?

    Panther Creek (in Washington) is one of those hikes that I keep wanting to be more than it is without appreciating what it does have to offer. It’s not usually crowded. It’s not that far from Portland. It can be as long, or short, as you want because it’s part of the thousands of miles […]

    Hiking near Sisters, Oregon

    Spring is a difficult time of year for hiking in the mountains. It’s not easy to know where the snow levels are, even if you ask the locals. We wanted to hike up to Three Creek Lake near Sisters, Oregon so we asked at the local biker bar, Scoots. They told us that they were […]

    Sauvie Island Hike

    Sunday we picked a closer-to-the-city hike because we’re limited on time and we have been wanting to explore Sauvie Island. It’s a funny place with all its house boats.

    The problem is that everyone else probably wants to do the same on this 70 degree day. We shortened our morning routine by eating PB&HJ […]

    Loop Beginning at Herman Creek

    This hike really felt like a spring hike despite the snow and ice that caked the uppermost Ridge cutoff trail. It felt spring because we saw Trillium blooming and the first false morels.

    It took us 4.5 hours to hike 9.3 miles where we gained 2700 feet in elevation. Besides the great workout, […]