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    Summiting Elk Moutnain

    Mike and I  hiked Elk Mountain where we gained about 2000 feet in elevation in about 2 miles. The top .5 mile was covered with snow, which made the steep uphill a little treacherous for this clumsy girl. Mike showed me a new technique for uphill treks in mud or snow that kept me from sliding too much. The downhill was much much more difficult. We went further than the summit, but soon lost the trail in the snow and had to turn around. It was 4 miles and took us 3.5 hours. When we did this hike in July without the snow it took us 1.25 hours to summit, and yesterday it was about 2 hours to summit. We picnicked on the way down.

    It was a beautiful day, but too bad we couldn’t do the loop.You really notice the highway on the way down.

    Thank God for the  Appolloni Vineyards visit  after our hike. If you hadn’t noticed there’s quite the post-hike trend.

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