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    Mexico City with Rolando

    We´ve had lots of rain the last couple of days, but today we went to see these crazy Aztec (originally the toltecs) pyramids and i got some sun finally! I refuse to come back all pale!! The toltec civilization lived maybe 2000 years ago. We´re in mexico city still and it’s so much less dirty and crazy than i though it would be. It really feels pretty safe compared to what I imagined. It’s really no different than parts of new york and people are pretty cosmopolitan. We have seen some poor places, but we just drove through there. I guess they don´t have electricity or running water in lots of the poor neighborhoods. It’s really shocking to see. You feel like you want to hold the memory in your head so you can appreciate what you have, yet you don’t want to see people living with so little in such dirty conditions. And it’s pretty expensive here. In a decent neighborhood, you can rent a modest apartment for 300 usdollars, but food and beer and toiletries are pretty spendy. I think we are spemdign close to what we did in portland for things. I guess they have lots of issues with phone companies because it is actually cheaper for the US to call mexico than mex to US.

    We’ve eaten some great food and rolando has been sooo hospitable. He opened his house to us and treated us like lifelong friends. rolando is going to drive us to Puebla tomorrow then we bus to oaxaca city.  

    Today we saw ruins of pyramids from the toltec civilization. It is incredibly old with beautiful architecture, but one of the most amazing things is that they had a written language and actual cities where they lived and had viaducts. It was a pretty advanced society, except they did sacrifice their virgins.  I guess their pyramid to the god of the sun is the third largest in the world. They are not sure why these people disappeared. They postulate that maybe the climate changed and they couldn’t survive it. I ate some ostrich last nigth, but it was very dark meaty. Rolando treated us to this restaurant that his dad used to take him. It’s one of the few left here that is original. There are tons of new places popping up all over.

    In puebla’ we’re going to try to find Vickie’s guy’s mom’s restaurant. I hope we can!

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