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    The Fall Foray

    I’m going to the coast to join the Oregon Mycological Society on their Fall Foray. I have a little trepidation because it is in this bunk bed cabin church camp place. I am a newlywed and I’d really like to sleep next to my husband, but apparently the rooms are split up by sex. Ugh. The last time I slept in an all same sex place was a miserable train ride from San Sebastian to Madrid. I was upset because I had just left a bad place in my relationship and it felt like there was no hope. I slept next to women who were seemingly heartless and ignored my tears. I felt more alone than if I had been alone.

    We’ll see how it goes. Right now Mike is making a hot chocolate concoction that we can hopefully use to warm our insides even though we are also not allowed to have alcohol there. We’re going to go hiking after I get off the computer and shower. Meeting time’s 4pm tonight. I can’t wait to at least learn more about macro identification and hammer some of the fungi terminology in my head. They are an interesting and older group for the most part. We should know them pretty well by the end of the weekend. I wonder if we’ll fit in or we’ll just be crazed.

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