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    Vamos a Mexico y Belize

    We are focused on our honeymoon trip now. We know that we are landing in Cancun, then getting the heck out of dodge (el dodge?) as soon as we can, and heading to the Riviera Maya. We might go to Tulum first, and then head south south south after that until we hit Punta Gorda. We booked a room at Hickatee Cottages in Southern Belize. Despues, regresaremos a Yucatan.

    Vamos a ir a Merida. Merida is the capital of Yucatan. It has a cathedral that was made with the stones from the pyramids. Which could only be more horrific if the Spanish made the Mayans rip apart their own pyramids and build the cathedral, which they would have if they were around. In Seville they built the cathedral on top of a mosque. And Pedro the cruel had Moorish workers build his version of a palace over Moorish palatial ruins. This is Alcazar in Seville.

    The regional cuisine in the Yucatan is cochinita pibil and deer meat. Cochinita? is that guinea pig? You know Mike is going to try it no matter what it is. Pig ear tacos, horse meat burgers (southern Italy), all sorts of organs.

    We don’t have anything else set in stone as we need to do some more research and we need to leave some time to just explore.

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